Creative Italian Sausage

If you’ve browsed Facebook or Pinterest lately you’ve probably seen this image of spaghetti through little pieces of hot dog.


I loved this when I saw it! I saved it for later, and it fits my style so well that people even sent it to me knowing I’d want to try it out.

I am not big on the idea of mixing hot dogs with spaghetti. I know I might be missing out on one of the fine delicacies in the cooking world, but for now my taste buds say “no” to that taste sensation.

Instead of hot dogs I decided to use Italian sausage. It turned out wonderful!




I seared the sausage in a frying pan so that the outside was partially pre-cooked and then cut it into slices. This left the middle soft enough to poke spaghetti through and the outside firm enough to hold the slices together. I set them in boiling water for about 10 minutes and everything was completely cooked through. If you decide to do this you might want to know ahead of time that poking individual sticks of spaghetti through sausage is more time consuming than you might realize. The result is amazing – if you cut the sausage pieces in half with your fork you end up with the perfect little pasta morsel of just enough spaghetti and a piece of sausage. I would have made this for my grandmother when she was having trouble handling her utensils. The spaghetti pieces can’t slide or fall because they are held in place in the sausage. This idea is great if you want a fancy looking dinner for special people in your lives, or for practical uses with an elderly relative or friend; but it makes a dish that normally has a very quick preparation time turn into a time consuming process. Definitely try it out though! It’s fun and cute if nothing else.

4 thoughts on “Creative Italian Sausage

  1. Spaghetti and hot dogs definitely grosses me out. I love how you switched it up with sausage! Your little nests look awesome and would make great party food if you placed each “serving” in a cupcake liner! 🙂

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