I Love To Read


Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction every book is a story. If you thumb a book’s pages near your ear you can almost hear it whispering “I have a story for you”. I added another bookshelf to the living room today and reorganized my books. The afternoon sun started pouring in and the prism on the window cast rainbows all over the room. If I could pause time and make the afternoon sunshine rainbows last for hours and hours all I would do is sit in front of the bookshelves and read like it was going out of style. I like to organize my books into categories, and there are currently five full bookcases, and a sixth ready to hold more. When I moved my boxes of books got misplaced here and there. They’re still here, but they’re hiding. Libraries are magical whether they are a stand alone public building or a home sanctuary. I have so many different kinds of knowledge sitting on those shelves. There are books on: genetics, evolution, theoretical physics, astronomy, mathematics, oceanography, geology, biology, paleontology, meteorology, sailing, ocean exploration, nautical history, ocean folklore, theology, metaphysics, legends, mythology, history, self-help, exercise, anatomy, philosophy, languages, writing, art, modern fiction, classics, and poetry. Someday I hope to be an eccentric old woman with an entire room of my home devoted to books and artifacts like a home museum with a librarian theme.

(The picture is of an ammonite fossil from the Paleozoic – one of my favorite pieces)

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