Easy Pi Day Pie Inspired Dinners


So, the reason I’ve been on a pie kick lately is due to the upcoming celebration of “Pi Day” acknowledging 3.14 on March 14th. I’ve made some kind of pie every night for the last 9 days, and I simply could not finish “Pie Quest” properly without making pizza!


It’s just a basic crust from the store that I piled with all my favorite toppings. I cut a few of the pepperoni slices into “pi” shapes with some kitchen scissors, and wound up with the 2nd easiest dinner of “Pie Quest”!

What dish won first place for the easiest dinner you ask?


Easy-peasy pot pies! That’s what!

I have a set of bake-able personal size dishes that I absolutely love! I poured some of my favorite stew into the dishes and spread a Pillsbury biscuit over the top. It might take a little longer to bake the biscuit all the way through on top of stew instead of on top of a pan. Just pop it back in the oven for a bit if it needs more time. Whatever kind of dish you bake yours in make sure to put a pan underneath to catch any drips – it just helps with the clean-up later.



If you’d like to join in the Pi Day festivities: “Join the Pi Day Pie Party with Crazy for Crust and enter to win some fabulous prizes!”

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