Therapeutic Doodling and Nonsense

I was a total space cadet today! I’d walk into a room and sit down to work on something then instantly forget my original mission. Poof! Any kind of normal brain processing went right out the window.

“Rachie, this is Earth. Come in Rachie. Are you there?”

I replied with the noble astro-nut response of… “huh”?

I finally decided that I’ve been too hard on my pea-brain lately and I needed to give it a break. I curled up on the couch with my sketch book and zoned out watching “Pirates!: Band of Misfits”; doodling like a good space cadet and writing poetry.

Here are the results of this afternoon’s therapeutic doodling and nonsense session:




I feel much better now!

By the way, “Pirates!: Band of Misfits” is part of a series of fiction books called “The Pirates!” by Gideon Defoe. They are deliciously humorous and I highly recommend reading them. I’d suggest starting with “The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists” which is the one the movie was adapted from.

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