I can have my pie and eat it too! What’s your favorite way to work-out?


I may have been born 2 and a half weeks early, but I think I was actually born 50 years late. I figure if I had been born in the 30’s instead of the 80’s I would be living my out 20’s baking in high heels and pearls in the 50’s. I love the make-up, I love the hair-dos, and I adore the clothes. Someday I hope to pack my wardrobe with 50’s style dresses, and adorable Capri pants with cute tops. I found a gorgeous vintage-style swimsuit online that I would love to fit into as soon as possible. I can’t fit into it yet. I’ve been 6 feet tall since I was 17 and even when I was thin and working out everyday I only remember being a 14-16 at my smallest. I need to keep up my exercise schedule so I can enjoy rockin’ that swimsuit, have my pie, and eat it too!

As much as I love the 50’s I have several qualities that would have made actually living in the era a struggle. I am very academically nerdy, handy around the house, I love fishing and being on boats, and I adore Martial Arts. I had two amazing parents which I’m sure you will hear more about soon, and I feel privileged that they started me in Martial Arts as a Christmas present when I was 7 years old. It’s 20 years later, and it’s still one of my favorite ways to work-out and be good to my body. I’m currently working on a set of demo-swords that I’m making out of palm fronds you’ll see in a future post. It’s important to me to work balance, coordination, and the harmony of Martial Arts into my schedule. This brings me to my other favorite way to work-out – dancing!

I have a lot of memories associated with dancing. In elementary school we had to learn square-dancing and I was the only girl whose partner was tapped on the shoulder because another boy wanted to dance with me; that sparked a flurry of rumors and gossip that drove me batty. When I was 15 I decided to try out a Salsa class while I was studying abroad in Cambridge, England. I got partnered with another American that was young and timid, but adorable. He was tall and skinny with cowboy boots, jeans, blonde hair, blue eyes, and made me blush when he would smile at me and call me “miss”. I got brave and tried belly dancing once and it was LOTS of fun! These days I have a special dance I made-up that I call the “Ooga Shaka Dance” and I will spontaneously “Cookie Dance” on occasion – those stories are for another day.

I took Hula and Tahitian in college and these are two of my very favorite dance styles. You can tell a story, feel graceful, and all while getting a rigorous full-body work-out. I put my various oldies playlists on quite a bit and I’ve decided that I need to take it upon myself to learn how to dance to the music I listen to. This evening I started searching for the 50’s dance where you shake your index finger in the air. After searching around I found out that this dance is called “Truckin‘”, but before I figured that out I stumbled on “Ballin’ The Jack“. You have to understand I don’t think I can bring myself to learn how to “Dougie”, or go “Gangnam Style”, and I won’t be able to “Harlem Shake” without laughing uncontrollably. I need to make the sweet moves of “Ballin’ The Jack” my own.

I’m going to be using this Gene Kelly clip tonight to try and imitate this “dance craze”. I even got out my hot pink fedora!


So, I want to ask you, before I go off to dance around my living room, what is your favorite way of working off food-fuel?

7 thoughts on “I can have my pie and eat it too! What’s your favorite way to work-out?

  1. I don’t like working out, which is why I try to avoid it >_< Though I do have some workout videos. They're so hard! But that's probably because I'm so out of shape. Having a desk job sucks because I can't stay as active as I used to be. Favorite way to work out? DANCE. Turn up some tunes and just dance. ♥

      • I only have three currently. From the p90x series: ab ripper and yoga. And my friend let me borrow her Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred. The stuff really works, it’s just that it’s not fun, and it’s difficult to do non-fun things when it comes to working out. What videos do you use?

      • I have one from the “Dance Your Ass Off” series, and a pilates set everyone has Australian accents on, but it’s a good set. My favorite is a dance DVD that’s like belly dancing and spiritual dancing. I can’t find it on Amazon or I’d show you. I’ll have to post about it sometime! Try doing a video with a friend – it’s way more fun that way! 🙂

      • I should get some dance ones. My friend is a dancer but she lives out of town and is busy. We used to dance together all the time at the studio. My body had never felt so sore in my life! The belly/spiritual one sounds interesting. Looking forward to that post. 😀

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