Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Ribbon Headband Tutorial

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I’ve had an amazing day so far with lots of music! Here’s a little playlist of my favorites!

There are a few family recipes that are top secret. Corned-beef and cabbage with carrots, parsnips, homemade mustard and Irish soda bread is one of them. Some of the others are my mom’s famed meatloaf recipe, my smashed taters, my BBQ-ed ribs, my dad’s BBQ-ed salmon, my dad’s stuffing, my grandmother’s “Magic Milk”, and my other grandmother’s sopas. These are dishes my family has gathered around for many celebrations, dinners, and picnics. They’re very special, and only one of them has been written down and given to one very special person. These are not just recipes, they are part of my family identity. They’re history, and ancestral heritage that I hope to pass along to children of my own. Today we feasted! Every year I make this dish with my mom is another year I can learn it better and lock it into my own memory to teach my family.


Don’t be fooled! It is not merely boiled vegetables atop tender corned-beef! The spices they’re cooked in and the mustard make them mouth watering. The Irish soda bread has the texture of a moist cake, but the flavor of a dinner scone. I start getting excited for this dish every year around January; pining away for March to roll around with it’s corned-beef goodness.

As far as ethnicity goes I am basically a European mutt with a sprinkle of Native American. This always made “ancestry day” at school a lot of fun because I had several choices to pick from. I am Portuguese, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, English, German, Swedish, French, and Cherokee. Someday I’d like to study my family history and personal genetics further because most of my physical characteristics are from my grandparents and not my parents. My dad had very tan skin, and my mom is fair; I’m somewhere in the middle and my parents used to say I’m “cafe au lait” because Dad was coffee and Mom is cream. My dad had straight black hair, and my mom is a blonde – my hair has several colors in it and it changes with the sunshine and the seasons. I once had a salon lady accuse me of lying when she asked where I had had my hair dyed and I told her it wasn’t. I’ve also noticed that, for whatever reason, when I spend time in the higher latitudes it stays darker; and when I’m home in California it gets lighter and reddish. Most of my life I’ve had long hair. I sported short hair a few times, but I feel much more feminine with it long. My Barbie dolls always had the most complicated hairstyles, and if you hang around me long enough with long hair you’ll probably find yourself as my newest “My Size Barbie”.

Yes, I love to play with hair! You will probably see several hair tutorials along the way in my blog. So, I present the first, and one of the ways I’m wearing green today.

“Ribbon-Headband in a relaxed Princess Pull-Back”

Ribbon Headband Tutorial


You’ll need 3 long ribbons, and you’ll have to choose their length depending on your hair. My hair goes to my low back and I used ribbons that were approximately a yard. You’ll need one shorter ribbon to tie it all back with, and several bobby pins. I also used a large pin-curl clip to hold the ribbons to a hardcover book to make things easier.

Use some bobby pins to pin the edges of one end of the ribbons together, and then use the large clip to attach it to the book.

Loosely braid the ribbons so they keep a mostly flat look.

Once you’ve braided all of it bobby pin the other ends together, and lay it out flat.

Next use the short ribbon to measure your crown. Hold the tip of the ribbon at your ear and pull it across to your other ear to use the length as a guide. Use the length you just measured with the shorter ribbon and lay it next to the middle of the longer ribbon. Place more bobby pins on the ribbon braid to mark a section in the middle with the length of your crown.

Part your hair down the center. If you’re like me you’ll want to use some kind of anti-frizz. I like “Tipsy” root to tip hair silkener by Got2B. I don’t believe in paying an arm and a leg for hair and make-up products. I’ve used the high end stuff before and I don’t think it’s any better than the stuff you can get in the drugstore.

Use bobby pins to pin your hair flat near your ears. Then lay the ribbon braid across your crown and secure it with more bobby pins.

Braid the ribbon into your own hair by separating your own hair into two sections and using the ribbon as the third.

Secure the end with more bobby pins.

Braid the other side now!

I used a pin to put the hair that wasn’t braided in a bun so it wouldn’t be in the way when I pulled the braids back. Pull the braids back and tie the short ribbon around them securely.

Remove all of the bobby pins and the pin and enjoy!

Now I’m off to sing in my green dress with my green ribbons in my hair! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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