Homemade Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake!


I’m sorry I haven’t updated in awhile! I’ve been busy with awesomeness I will catch up posting on here soon! 

I live in California and we have a phenomena we’ve endearingly nicknamed “strawberry men”. These are the field workers that stand on the corner in regular neighborhoods with stacks of the most amazing fruit in bulk for a better price than you could hope for at the store. Occasionally they will have flats of mangoes or bags of oranges, but most commonly we see them with strawberries. The biggest, best, sweetest strawberries you could ask for. Today we saw our first strawberry man of the season and couldn’t help but pull over and purchase a flat of “deluscious” strawberries.



Yes, “deluscious” is our new word for edible goodies that are indulgently delicious! To tell the truth, there has been a serious hole in my life since the end of “Pie Quest” that can only be filled by the start of “Strawberry Madness”!

“Chocolate Milkshake with Marshmallow & Strawberry in Edible Chocolate Cups”




Yes, it tasted as good as it looked.

I originally wanted to make smaller cups with water balloons. However, some anti-water balloon weirdo has stopped restocking our local grocer with them. Second best choice was a little bag of smiley face balloons. It turns out the reason the little balloon man was smiling is because he knew that he was about to be covered in chocolate. I poured 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips into a soup cup and microwaved them in 20 second intervals for 1 minute and 20 seconds stirring in between. This could have made much more than just two chocolate cups. I did use the excess for another project, but I wish I had thought to make more cups. Remember that hot chocolate will make the air inside the balloon expand. I was probably better off with the larger balloons because a smaller balloon would not have had as much give in the latex. I let the chocolate cool until it passed the wrist test. “The wrist test” is what I call that technique of checking the heat of the contents of a baby bottle before you actually give it to the baby. The best part of “the wrist test” is that you get to lick the chocolate off your wrist afterwards. If you have a significant other – I’m jealous – but, more power to you for mutual wrist chocolate licking goodness! After dipping the balloons in the chocolate set them on a tray lined with wax paper and place them in the refrigerator for about a half an hour. To remove the balloon trim a small hole in the neck and let it deflate – slowly peel it away from the inside of the cup taking care not to touch the cup with your fingers. I tend to run warm and I left a little melt smudge on mine. I was able to smooth it out, and return it to it’s smooth chocolate beauty, but in the future I will probably use a chopstick. 







I sliced up strawberries and some marshmallows to throw in the milkshake. I used rocky road ice cream and some milk in the blender for a creamy milkshake to toss the strawberries and marshmallows into. 



Top it off with some whipped cream and enjoy!



Here’s a sneak peak at what I did with the rest of the melted chocolate.





I hope to update with the other stuff I’ve been working on soon! I’ve been doing a lot of work in the yard gardening, and I won a raffle prize! Make sure you keep your smile on! Cheers, until next time!


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