The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – 15 Bloggers – 7 Facts About Rachie

I don’t know if “star struck” is the right word, but I always get this little jolt of “OMG, the cool kids like me” when I get even a little bit of attention for things. I used to run a science-y Twitter account, and I remember having a little spaz attack when a former NASA astronaut started following. Now, I’m just blogging on life and such so I have a place to post things like “Pie Quest” and “Strawberry Madness” – and I felt that little spaz attack again when Belle Grove Plantation started following. I was gifted with another spaz attack today when I logged in to find that Shaun over at “Praying For One Day” has given me “The Very Inspiring Blogger” award! Let me just get this out now:


I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Shaun because this really made my whole day! Please check out his blog and show some love at Praying For One Day.

There are rules to this award and they are as follows:

– Thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you

Thank you again, Shaun!

Praying For One Day 

– Post the award logo to your blog


– Nominate and link to 15 other very inspiring bloggers and notify them

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Dorothy – Crazy For Crust – (Dorothy gets special credit for inspiring “Pie Quest” to begin with!)

– Tell 7 things about yourself:

1 – I had a really strange academic career. I started taking college courses when I was 12 and completely tested out of high school at 15. I transferred as a junior to university when I was 17 and simply didn’t feel like I could go back after my dad died when I was 19. I need to finish that degree someday.

2 – I spent my first “full load” semester of college abroad at Cambridge, England in 2001 – I was 15. I arrived on September 9th, 2001 – and, well you know what happened in New York two days later. It was an emotional upheaval, but my time spent there still holds some of my best memories.

3 – I had a brain disease for 7 years between 2003 and 2010 that was caused by a rare allergic reaction to an antibiotic. I am very, VERY grateful that I survived that. I’m not volunteering to go through it again, but I’m almost grateful for it because I think it made me a more compassionate person.

4 – I love to sing karaoke. I even have day dreams about singing in a night club or lounge with one of those old microphones and a sparkly dress. I adore singing, and I’ve started dabbling in writing my own songs.

5 – I was a paleobiology major. While I am a major dinosaur-geek, I prefer studying early life and its origins as well as paleoclimatology. As you might suspect I am overjoyed and jumping out of my skin that Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters in 3D next month! Okay, there’s A LOT of flaws in their science, but there are DINOSAURS damn’t!

6 – After my dad passed away they sent a chaplain to speak with my family. He was extremely insensitive and made it obvious that they had interrupted his dinner to call him down there for “the poor grieving family”. I didn’t tell a whole bunch of people about it, but I spent a few years studying to be a chaplain; ultimately, that is another thing I would like to eventually finish.

7 – I really enjoy writing fiction and occasionally poetry. I’m bound and determined to complete a novel for NaNoWriMo this year. NOTHING IS ALLOWED TO GO WRONG IN MY LIFE THIS NOVEMBER! YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE?! I NEED TO FINALLY FINISH A NOVEL THIS YEAR!

This concludes my post for today!


I’m looking forward to sharing more “Strawberry Madness” with y’all tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – 15 Bloggers – 7 Facts About Rachie

  1. Thank you so, so much for this award but I am afraid I have already been nominated for it and attached it to my website, but I still am very grateful for you choosing me and a little bit honoured to have it again so I will follow the rules and pass it on. I hope this is OK.

  2. OMG, I’m so honored! ❤ Thank you for the credit and the award! ;D
    I will definitely have to mention you in one of my upcoming blog posts, on the appropriate subject ofcourse, lol but you are so sweet. Thanks again! (:

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