Watercolor Easter Eggs, New Traditions, and Sock Puppets

I never want to have the words “normal”, “mediocre”, or “mundane” associated with me. Call me “crazy”, “dorky”, or “nerdy” and I’ll take it as a compliment; but for the love of otter pops don’t call me normal! In my perfect world everyone would see me as some kind of hybridization between Glinda the Good Witch and a mad scientist. In fact, a friend recently told me that Glinda reminded them of me when they saw “Oz” in the theater – that easily goes in the top 3 compliments I’ve received this week. You get the idea, though – I don’t like anything that I could consider “ho-hum” (see tagline ^), and this is why I was almost happy when I realized that I had forgotten to get egg dye.

No Egg Dye = No Problem!Β 


I’ve been working on a few watercolor paintings lately and I already had my artistry supplies handy in the dining room. I had just been working in the garden all day, and I still had flowers on the brain.

One Of The Paintings I’ve Been Working On


This is one of the paintings I’ve been working on. It’s a piece that is particularly important to me and I want to finish it in the near future. I got the idea in my head that it would be fun to draw little baby dragons curled up on the outside of eggs, but I felt like that wouldn’t be “Easter-y” enough. However, I REALLY like the idea of baby dragons on eggs and I will probably undertake it as an art project anyway. Perhaps on egg shells that have had the insides blown out so I can keep the eggs as ornaments or something.

In my last post I mentioned that we were trying to figure out new traditions for holidays because we haven’t celebrated them since my dad passed away over 7 years ago. So, what about those new traditions you ask? Well, in past years the tradition has been to have an Easter ham complete with several side dishes of feasting. Look, we all need to eat, and I like food – but, I also like fitting into pretty dresses. So, I’m up for celebration-food that’s maybe not-so-healthy, but I can’t justify making and trying to ingest massive amounts of food. My Mom’s meatloaf recipe is amazing, and I honestly don’t make it that often. Thus, we have made meatloaf the new “traditional” dish for our Easter celebrations.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of “artsy-fartsy” and this is a trait I share with my mom. We’ve decided that lazy Easter afternoons should be spent writing stories and/or painting. Do we really need an excuse to write or paint? No, but we don’t often get to enjoy writing or painting as a family, and why not share that on Easter?

Lastly, we’re going to write down some prayers, hopes, and dreams for the rest of the year on pieces of paper and make them into flowers. We’ll keep them in the dining room or living room, and then every time we pass them we can remember to say a silent to prayer to help those hopes and dreams “blossom”. Next year we’ll have to find some ceremonial way to let go of the old flowers and replace them with new ones, but we’ll worry about that next year.

Let’s re-cap.

Easter Traditions in RachieLand

Snazzy Easter Eggs

Easter Meatloaf

Writing and/or Painting as a Family

Prayer Flowers

Lastly, I’d like to make sure I introduce you to my favorite sock puppet, Mrs. Emma Calderdash. Emma is easily the manifestation of the more crude and sassy part of my personality. I really need to tell you more about her and her friends later. The thing is, I’ve been building a sock puppet theater, and I’m really looking forward to YouTubing. I’ll need a whole post to explain how Emma was born. She has a high-pitched somewhat cockney accent – think “Eliza” from “My Fair Lady”. So, here’s a portrait of Emma as a taste of things to come.


11 thoughts on “Watercolor Easter Eggs, New Traditions, and Sock Puppets

  1. your water color painting is beautiful! I love the colors. My son uses a lot of color when he sketches and paints.
    I think making new traditions is a good thing – it sounds like you had a lovely Easter!

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  3. Fabulous weblog.l enjoyed reading few of your posts.My regards.jalal

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