Hot Potato! Pass The Award! Plus a Plethora of YouTube Links!

I feel particularly lucky to have been so well received in the community. I’ve recently received 2 more awards, and I am happy to pass the baton on to other bloggers. I’ve recently added quite a few bloggers to my “follow” list and I’ve got a great batch to share with you!

Firstly, I’d like to thank Reality In Progress for the Liebster Award, and Shaun over at Looking for reason to a complicated world for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award of 2013.

There are different amounts of people to tag for each award so I’m going to worry more about the quality of the blogs than the quantity of blogs. Also, I want to make sure I tag people that I haven’t tagged before to showcase a variety of bloggers.

Here’s my picks:

I’m Not Lost, Just Weird

Least Favorite Person Of The Day

Spilled Ink

And That’s All She Wrote!

Not disabled, differently able

Shannon A. Thompson

Philosophy & Photography

My World My Blog My Life

Thoughts of yaussiechick

I… he… me…

Currents and Waves

And from this day you went hand in hand

Words 4 JP

Usman Hashmi

Acrobatic Thoughts

Ye Olde Humdrum

From Where I Sit


You can all choose if you’d like to pass the baton, and which award you’d like – perhaps both!



Of course there are questions to answer and more “Fun Facts About Rachie” to share. I’ll start with the questions that go with the Liebster Award.

Liebster: Q and A

What is your favorite kitchen? Why?: 

I was in the GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) program in elementary school and those classes were supposed to be taught differently. There were not a lot of other kids in the GATE program and we either ended up with more homework, or were blessed with individualized attention and projects. My 5th grade teacher got me hooked on drawing blueprints. Yes, I’ve had my dream kitchen laid out on paper since I was 11 years old. It is a very large kitchen meant for socializing and masterpiece cooking creations. Unfortunately I don’t know where the plans are off the top of my head, and it will require a lot of digging in the garage to find them. I’ll have to redraw them and post them sometime. 

What you hate the most about people?:

I don’t hate people, but I do get very disappointed. I have a few pet peeves, but the one thing that will ruin a person in my eyes forever is when they project their problems on me and/or blame me for their issues. It’s okay for them to have their issues. Hell, I have issues! Everyone has issues! I just can’t stand it when people don’t take responsibility for their own. “Forever” is a strong word, but the reality is that most people that do that don’t care enough to do what it would take to mend things, and my perception of them ends up permanently skewed. I’ve only had a handful of people fit the bill for this in my lifetime, and it’s still disheartening. I don’t often curse, but let me put it this way: when a negative person tries to tell me I’m negative I immediately want to say “BITCH, PLEASE”! Or if I’m feeling a little “valley-ish” “AS IF”! I’m learning to brush this off, but it’s still my biggest pet peeve. One day I will be as blissful as Ariel, and just shrug and say, “I just don’t give a f@#!” with ease. 


Okay, now no more cursing for me!

Where would you travel first, if the money won’t matter?:

There is a special place I’ve imagined up and I often travel there “free of charge”. If I could find a place similar on Earth that would be my first choice. Otherwise, I would love to go back to Cambridge, or to visit my family in Portugal again.

What is your favorite part of day? Why?:

I have 2 favorites! I love the early morning when the sun rises over the pear tree in the backyard and I can have a cup of coffee or tea to the tune of birds whistling. I also love the afternoon due to the way my home is positioned. There are 2 very large windows at the front of this house; one is the living room window, and one is my bedroom window. Both of these windows have big round prisms hanging on them and when the afternoon sun shines through them they cast rainbows around the house, across the couch, chairs, and my bed for a few hours. This has led to what I affectionately call “Rainbow Baths” and “Rainbow Napping”. In fact I am having a “Rainbow Bath” right now!

Where would you like to live? (anywhere):

I would love to own a home in Santa Barbara, California. I went to school down there and it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived. I grew up in Northern California, and I’ve spent fair chunks of time in Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York, as well as overseas in England. I’ve concluded that other places are nice to visit, and I will meet lots of wonderful people while I’m there, but I will eventually slip into California withdrawals. We have the amazing “University of California” college system, phenomenal museums, zoos, and libraries to drool over. The weather is amazing here, and there’s urban, suburban, rural, farmland, vineyard, volcano, cave, forest, snowy, warm, ocean beach, lake beach, valley, plain, mountain, and desert areas to visit all within mere hours of a car drive the entire year round. There’s the entire spectrum of cultural foods to choose from, and so many amazing places to visit just within the state that I can only hope to spend the rest of my life taking it all in. 

What is one of the funniest things you have ever done?:

Umm… I’m not sure I’m particularly funny. Dorky, yes – goofy, absolutely; but I don’t think I’m particularly funny. A few weeks ago I watched the Care Bear movie and proceed to leap into rooms with my tummy thrust out screaming “RACHIE BEAR STARE”! That was pretty funny! I tried to cheer someone up several months ago by bounding into the living room wearing a funny hat, using a blanket as a cape, and a coat hanger as a sword – and… well, at least I thought it was funny. 

Which movie is better than the book?:

To be perfectly honest I liked “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” better as a movie than a book/graphic-novel. Does that count?

What is your favorite song? Why?:

Oh, I’ve got lots of favorite songs. I really love “The Rainbow Connection” as a song. Lately I’ve had the “NASA Johnson Style (the nerdy Gangnam Style parody)” and Bottom of The River by Delta Rae stuck in my head. 

What is the first thing on your bucket list?:

Flyboarding or Indoor-Skydiving! I’m not sure which I will get around to first, but there are places to participate in such activities fairly close and I would love to do either or both!

Who is your favorite actor/actress? (name a movie too):

I adore Madeline Kahn! Not only was she gorgeous, but she was funny AND she could sing!

Madeline Kahn

Not to mention, she got to sing with Grover, my 2nd celebrity crush.

Which leads me to the requirement for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Of 2013” award.

The Very Inspiring Blogger of 2013: 7 FunFacts About Rachie

1 – My first celebrity crush was Robin from the original “Batman and Robin” series. What can I say? I have a thing for super heroes. Which is also why I liked Grover.



See the resemblance?

Maybe I just have a thing for guys in capes…


I’ll plainly admit I have an attraction to super heroes.

2 – I first became an insomniac at age 7 after winding up wandering through “The Wax Museum of Medieval Torture” in San Francisco. No, it was not my parents idea. I wanted to go with another family member just to spend time with them. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I don’t know if it’s still there, and I’m not going to go looking for it! I’d lay awake at night because it was completely beyond my comprehension how people could be so cruel to each other. My parents even called the parish priest to talk to me on the phone – it didn’t help! I stayed fairly insomniatic for about 10 years. I’ve had bouts off and on since then, and I’m currently going through a phase of insomnia.

3 – I lit a Pop-Tart on fire by accident when I was a kid by leaving the foil wrapper on and placing it the microwave.

4 – I’m a closet-video-game-addict. I don’t own many consoles or many games because I could easily waste massive amounts of time in front of the TV.

5 – I’m a black belt.

6 – I’m allergic to spider, mosquito, and bee/wasp toxins. Spider bites will often send me to the emergency room. I’m not “phobic” because phobias are irrational fears, and it is completely rational to be afraid of something that sends you to the ER. I feel very accomplished when I’m able to dispose of them without squealing or crying. Even though they scare the poop outta me and cause nasty reactions I still apologize to them when I do away with them.

7 – I have a hyper-responsive amygdala – this makes me aware of sensory information that other people can be aware of, but tend to tune out. I can explain it best with sounds; most people would say the room I’m in is quiet – I hear the fountain, the computer fan, the dog snoring, the tapping on a keyboard in the next room, the birds outside, the neighbor just started his car, a big wind gust went through the tree branches – you get the idea. Anyone could hear it if they chose to pay attention to it, but most people tune it out; and I’m well aware of all it.

Today I will end with the unforgettable words of Mr. Forrest Gump:

That’s all I have to say about that.

23 thoughts on “Hot Potato! Pass The Award! Plus a Plethora of YouTube Links!

  1. Thank you!! I just posted about how honored I feel, and I really mean that. You added to my list to complete by the end of the week. 😀

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  3. Ah, so you are also a member of the Secret Order of WOP (Weirdly Odd People). We are a fun gaggle of eccentrics who enjoy adventures other than the mundane, such as standing az a group looking up and pointing toward the sky just to see how many others will join in.

    Thank you for this award. ‘Tis most humbling to know that the Academy has deemed me worthy of such recognition.

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