Baby Dragon Eggs, Propagating Roses, and WordPress Family

First I’d like to thank Yaussiechick and Michelle for adopting me into their WordPress family! You ladies are lovely individuals and I’m glad to be connected! I’m going to need some time to pass the baton, but I feel honored and really grateful – thank you!

I’m not the world’s most amazing artist. I used to be horrible at drawing human figures. Then somewhere in my teenage years I managed to draw a human that didn’t look like a misshapen “Frankenstein” monster. I was hard on myself for not being able to create as well as my art idols. I had this coloring book of all the great masterpieces when I was a kid. It introduced me to all these amazing artists, and I didn’t feel like my crayon scribbles were worthy of their work. It’s still on the shelf “uncolored”. It just didn’t seem right – it would have been like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Besides, I always kind of hoped that I’d have a masterpiece of my own be worthy of being alongside theirs someday. It wasn’t easy for me to be patient with myself in gaining some artistic skills. Heck, I can see how I want it in my head, why can’t it just spill out on paper?! It’s a challenge for me, and I think that’s part of what draws me to art. I can see personal growth as I get better feedback on my work. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of art mediums. I’ve done wood sculpture, metal work, clay, drawing, watercolor, acrylic, oil, photography, digital art, and various arts-and-crafty projects (hoping to finish the swords next). You get the idea – I’m “artsy fartsy”. It’s a wonderful form of expression, and it makes me happy. I’m not Boticelli, or Van Gogh, or DaVinci by any means – and I’ve finally come to a point where I’m okay with that.

I’ve been feeling particularly “artsy fartsy” lately! After my watercolor Easter egg and dragon painting adventure I thought it might be fun to paint dragon eggs! Then I thought that these dragon eggs should be made into ornaments after seeing Russell’s post on The World’s Top 10 Best Easter Trees. Cheers, Russell – the dragon eggs will eventually be turned into ornaments!

I decided I wanted them to look like a window into a baby dragon egg, and that I needed to figure out how to draw a baby dragon embryo. I sifted through a few Google image searches of different pictures, even found a few other people’s interpretations of baby dragon embryos, and eventually decided it needed to be a cross between a chicken and a turtle embryo with a dragon twist.

Dragon Embryo Sketch & Future Dragon Egg Ornaments


I left it out on the table last night and this morning my mom goes “oh, I like how you put a little burn mark like he’s breathing fire”. I then had to explain that I had left a candle burning and accidentally placed my drawing on top of said candle. So, here’s to it not being a flaming tragedy, and an awesome coincidence! I’ll update on these again when I’ve gotten a bit further along. Perhaps a tutorial?

Oh, and I’ve been a gardening fool lately! I received a mini-greenhouse for my seeds as an Easter present, and I’m delighted that I get to draw a map of the seed placement. It needs to be like a treasure map, or a map to some far off fantasy land – and perhaps Thimble-Nip will live there!

I’ve been giving a batch of seeds special treatment, and most of them are ready to plant already. The apples will take a little bit longer, but I’ll give you my special seed-lovin’ recipe in a later post.

“The Beginning Of My Bedroom Garden”


I’m starting them indoors, and then I will transplant everything into the yard. What’s on my list?

Today I planted


Sweet Basil

Beefsteak Tomatoes

“Alaska” Daisies

Dwarf Sunflowers

I really love sunflowers. They are my absolute favorite flower! They are happy, adorable, uplifting flowers. I recently found an absolutely stunning time lapse video of sunflowers where they look like angels fluttering their wings.

Seeds To Be Planted Tomorrow

3 more species of Sunflower



Johnny Jump-Ups

Mini Sweet Peppers


Cherry Tomatoes

The apple seeds still have a few more weeks getting nurtured with TLC. I also started a trimming of my dad’s roses in a pot. My dad liked to grow roses, and I do my best, but I still idolize his magic with roses. One time he took stem trimmings from his Grandmother’s rose bush intending to plant them – no roots, no flowers, just sticks with thorns. Of course we told him he was crazy, and he was crazy, but not about that. Sure enough they grew into a big beautiful rose bush with large pink roses. I like to remember this because it helps remind me that something ugly and painful can turn into something gorgeous and inspiring.

Like I said, dad had magic powers over roses! It is generally recommended to have a stem of new growth to propagate roses, but somehow all he ended up with was sticks – cut at both ends – with a whole lot of thorns. He took them home in damp paper towels, and just stuck them in the dirt. Bam! Gorgeous rose bush courtesy of the rose magician. Now, I haven’t tried Dad’s method, and it very well may work for me; however, I don’t think I was gifted with magical rose powers and I have a slightly different method.

“Propagating Roses From A Trimming”

Propagating Roses From A Trimming

You will need to RECYCLE something to use as a makeshift greenhouse. You can use a two liter soda bottle, a milk jug like I used, or anything that fits the requirements in your recycling bin.

*Hits The Pause Button On This Blog*

Real quick… Who else loves recycling? I love recycling! I like imagining what my sour cream container might be turned into, and often times I swipe things out of the bin for art projects. I live in California, and I’ve been recycling since I was a kid. It just seems like a normal part of life. I’ve visited other states and countries, and I find myself shocked when I realize they don’t recycle! How?! How can you just toss things into a landfill or the ocean that could serve another purpose?! Do you recycle? Have you ever used recycling for art projects?

*Hits The Pause Button Again To Resume Blog*

I chose the milk jug for the fancy “excess heat escape vent” that was previously a mere “handle” before I got to my hands on it! You’ll need to make your own decision depending on where you plant your trimming, but my bedroom garden happens to be in direct sunlight for a few hours in the afternoon which could potentially bake my lovely little rose trimming. You’ll need to make sure your trimming stays moist as it sends its roots into the soil. I mixed a little rose food, and some warm water into the soil before planting my trimming. When you go to choose your trimming look for a stem that’s recently had flowers – or if it hasn’t bloomed yet choose a new growth with leaves. I cut right above a “node” or the point where stems separate from each other. Don’t worry too terribly much about this part – just make sure you get a new growth with leaves. Snip off any excess leaves near the bottom so you have a straight stem to push in the soil. Make a small slice in the outer skin of the stem near the bottom about an inch long (perhaps a little less). This will help your trimming have room to send out new roots. Push your trimming into the soil so the slice is completely covered by the dirt. Make sure your trimming will get plenty of light, and maintain the soil moisture. The way I check is by pressing my fingertip against the soil: if little bits of dark soil stick to my finger I wait to water another day, and if my finger comes back clean it’s time to water. I chose a makeshift greenhouse with the fancy “excess heat escape vent”, and I may even choose to remove it when it gets warm in that room. You want bright light, but you don’t want to bake your new plant.

If you’re like me you will probably name your plants. I’m currently tossing around different names in my head, but I’ll wait until the plants are “born” to bestow them with names. I also sing to my plants. I know, it’s cheesy, but my plants are very happy! I sing all sorts of different songs to them, but “It’s Not Easy Being Green” is my favorite choice. I have a large hanging plant over my desk that is simply named “Ivy”, and a purple passion plant named “Violet”. I’ve given Violet a lot of nurturing, and I’ll have to give tips for purple passion plants in a future blog.

16 thoughts on “Baby Dragon Eggs, Propagating Roses, and WordPress Family

  1. i love purple passion plants. my mother had a huge one. I always thought is was a regal plant – the deep color. I also liked touching the leaves.

    I love your ornament idea – very cute!

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