Art Stuff Update Until I Can Clear My Head

Yesterday I couldn’t seem to get a blog post completely written out – mostly because I had three different blog posts I wanted to write and couldn’t decide which to start with. Needless to say, I have a lot going on in my head. I decided I needed to have a little chat with Emma.

“Rachie and Emma : Best of Friends”


Wait, before you say to yourself “she’s a complete nutter”, I’d just like to point out that… yes, I am. We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes it’s something as simple as “I wonder if I could make a fluffy peanut butter frosting”, or “wow, she’s really crazy”; but the fact remains, we all talk to ourselves. I just happen to talk to myself in different voices for my own entertainment. The fact that other people encourage me to do this is just a testament to their craziness.

So, how did this rousing conversation go down?

Rachie: Aw, geez! I can’t think straight today.

Emma: You, my love, need an alcoholic beverage.

Rachie: No, no, I don’t drink. I’ll figure it out.

Emma: That’s too bad, doesn’t a margarita sound lovely?

Rachie: Not as lovely as a pina colada.

Emma: Woohoo! Break out the rum!

Rachie: Emma, you are the reason the rum is always gone.

Emma: I’m just doing you a favor, love.

*Rachie shakes head and sighs*

Rachie: What am I gonna do? I can’t seem to write today.

Emma: Fook it! Let’s go play in the yard and take a nap.

Rachie: Emma!

Emma: What?

Rachie: You shouldn’t curse…

Emma: I didn’t really curse, besides you should seriously consider playing in the yard and taking a nap.Β 

Rachie: How do you always know exactly what I need?Β 

Emma: It’s the age old “sock puppet paradigm”, love.

Rachie: Oh, yeah. I suppose that makes sense.

Emma: Well, what are you waiting for?

*Rachie smiles and proceeds to go play in the yard. She discovers a bumblebee with a blue and black striped booty instead of a yellow and black striped booty, and regrettably does not get a picture. There is then napping, a scrumptious pasta dinner, and then bedtime – all the while forgetting to blog.*

Okay, perhaps my conversations with myself are just a smidgen crazier than other people’s. Regardless, I did end up throwing my hands up at trying to blog, and going outside to work play in the yard. This was followed by a lovely “Rainbow Nap”, and linguine with chicken meatballs for dinner. All in all, it was an amazing day!

So, today I’m getting a blog done! Although, I’m not blogging on any of the topics that I wanted to blog about yesterday. Those will just have to wait until I can clear my brainspace. Today I am just going to share a few artsy-fartsy pieces in different mediums as a “filler” post.

I am suddenly realizing that I don’t have many pictures of my sculptures, but I do have a few pictures of masks I’ve made.




Squatty goblin mask



Nose-y goblin mask



Funky goblin mask

Can you tell I like goblins?





Sunset in Santa Barbara, California



Marshland viewing deck in Alviso, California



Sea anemone from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California



Jellyfish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California





Lab notes from one of my fossil labs



Smurg – Smurg is now partially painted



Tree spirit



Weeping willow dancer


Oil Melts










I create the oil melts by melting oil pastel crayons onto paper. I came up with the technique by accident, and since have used it over and over. I had tried to make my own light box by putting a lamp in a garbage bin with a thin clear cutting board on top. I ended up melting the crayons with the heat from the lamp, but also ended up melting the cutting board. I loved the look of the melted crayons so I went out and bought a cheap picture frame for the large piece of glass. I still use a little desk lamp with the shade removed, and I still use a little empty garbage bin with the glass on top. If you try this technique let me warn you ahead of time to be careful of the hot glass. Wear long sleeves! You’ll also want to be careful of how much pressure you put on the glass. If you turn the lamp on for a bit before sitting down to melt the crayons the glass should be warm enough that they will melt smoothly without needing to apply much pressure. You’ll also want to be careful that the bin you choose to put the lamp in can withstand the heat. You don’t need any kind of special paper. I used regular copier paper that I’d swiped from my printing tray. Make sure to get the pastel crayons that are oil based and not the chalky ones. Most of the Office Max stores I’ve been to carry a small set of oil pastels with a colorful cat drawing on the packaging. Those ones work very well, and so do the “Reeves” oil pastel sets you can get at Michael’s craft stores.

I think this is where I’ll stop for today. I’m surprised I got so much writing done! I have been rather foggy though, so please be patient with me. There are a lot of other bloggers I want to keep up to date with, and my brainspace is so cluttered and contrived at the moment that I fear it will take me quite a bit of time to focus on reading anything. Still, it’s a good day to accessorize with a smile! Did you put your smile on today? Yes? Don’t wait! Smile! Smile a big toothy grin, and laugh!

19 thoughts on “Art Stuff Update Until I Can Clear My Head

    • What’s horrible is that I have a beautiful white zinfandel in the fridge, but I can’t drink it! I quit drinking several months back because I get these horrible abdominal pains even after a glass of wine. They don’t know what the heck it is, but I’ve resolved to just not drink. Thank you for the compliment on the photos! πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good day!

  1. My wife talks to herself all the time. I’ve caught her doing it on the sidewalk going to the gym. I like to honk to let her know that, yes, I’m watching. Once she got mad at me because of something I’d said in an imaginary conversation she’d had by herself. It was hilariously awesome.

  2. Growing up my older sister had an imaginary friend. Can’t remember her name now but she used to always tell me that her friend thought I was good looking and she was very attracted to me. I remember being chuffed at the time but now you have jogged my memory and I’m slightly worried.

    Its a bit incestuous!!!! Think a phone call to my sister is on the cards today!

    Funky Goblin Mask looks like something off the set of a horror movie. You’re Halloween outfit for this year is sorted already!

    Sometimes the best posts are when you just start typing and see where your fingers take you, perfect example.


    • LOL @ your older sister! Maybe it was a real friend that didn’t want her to actually say it was her. Sometimes girls have a round about way of trying to get things across like that. Good to hear from you! I was actually thinking to myself today, “haven’t seen anything from that guy in awhile – I hope everything is okay”. Everything okay?

  3. I love your style of writing and the way you just lead the reader on. I am an impatient reader and I really rely on interesting stuff to keep reading. Your post was awesome and the main thing was that you kept your ideas intact throughout. Great stuff…happy blogging!

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