Abundance of Awards

I feel very honored, flattered, and humbled to have received so many awards within the blogging community. It is so very heart-touching to receive such positive feedback from so many people, and simply lovely people to boot! I really want to thank some truly amazing individuals who have gifted me with some very lovely awards!

A Quick Side Note: I’m sorry I dropped off the radar for a bit! My PC has been very finicky lately – the “blue screen of death” has been a common occurrence, and interrupted a few blogging sessions. I’ve cleaned it, done a defrag, uninstalled absolutely everything that wasn’t necessary, and it’s still being somewhat unpredictable. It’s been quite a bit better, but it’s already six years old, and that’s pushing it by computer ages! So, fingers crossed it holds out on me for a bit longer!

On to the awards!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award (2013)




Best Moment Award


WordPress Family


Interesting Blog Award



D-Childhood – Their blog is riddled with stunning photographs, art projects, and recipes. You can tell there is love in their writing – love for their family, and love for life.

A Journey of Life, Loss, Hope and Strength – Tricia is such a beautiful and bright woman. She has had her struggles and manages to turn them into inspiration to share with the rest of us. She puts it best by acknowledging that “when we are in darkness we always seek the light”.

Thoughts of yaussiechick – She is simply a beautiful person. I would call her a romantic, and I love to read about her and her husband. She is friendly, funny, and has a warm heart. She’s a true gem for being purely authentic.

Dear Kitty. Some blog. – I respect her for raising awareness for so many different issues in our world today. Plus, she’s got that “scientist spirit”, and I particularly associate and appreciate that aspect of her blogging style.

And That’s All She Wrote! – Michelle is down-to-earth, and a barrel of fun! She has a friendly tone in her writing like she’s talking to you from across a table at a coffee shop. She illustrates her posts with photos from her life, and keeps the reader engaged.

Sheri de Grom – I’ve enjoyed reading Sheri’s book reviews (P.S. she also writes fiction herself). Plus, I love that Sheri is a fighter – she’s fought her own battles, and she actively fights for the rights of others.

I’m Not Lost, Just Weird – His writing has positively wonderful goofy undertones that make me smile. He’s a member of the “Dork Society” and training for the Olympic kitchen floor “Sock Skating” event. Godspeed, Sir. Godspeed. Go for gold!

When I take a step back and look at that list of people I feel humbled. There’s seven people there! Seven people that gifted me and my blog with acknowledgement even when I haven’t been around much lately! I have to say that it is very empowering. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for their kindness and support. I hope no one thinks this is “cheating”, but these are good people, and I would like to honor them in return with their choice of award. Please go on over and give some love to these bloggers – they are the first seven on my list of nominees. I’m going to round it out to an even 10 with three more bloggers that I’d like to shed some light on.

Tao of Lizz – Lizz is a lovely lady that I am blessed to be acquainted with in offline-life, and she’s only recently started her WordPress blog. Her first two posts share her hopes and fears about moving to Yosemite to share her massage therapy talents at a retreat center for a few months. You can expect good things from her!

Time Of Your Life – Steven is an amazing soul, wonderfully courageous, and thought-provoking. His writing is interesting, not only because he has an incredible journey that he’s sharing with his audience, but because he is a good author as well.

Fairytale Epidemic – Brit was one of the very first people to leave me a comment on WordPress, and has continued to be a wonderful online friend. She was the first one to let me feel like I have an audience, and not like I’m merely sending bytes of my life out into a cyberspace void. She shares beautiful poetry with her readers everyday that highlights a wide range of our human nature.

The rules that go with these awards involve thanking the blogger(s) that have nominated you, sharing things about yourself, and nominating more bloggers. I’d like to extend another heartfelt “thank you” to the bloggers that nominated me, and encourage everyone to show some love to the bloggers I’ve nominated. Most of these awards call for seven random facts to be shared – so, here goes my seven!

Random Facts About Rachie | 3rd Installment 

1.) Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to dress-up! It’s essential to a perfect Halloween experience for me to create my costume, and I’m really not much for “store bought” costumes. A costume doesn’t need to be expensive or terribly detailed and frustrating to put together for me to take some pride in wearing it out. Last year’s costume is easily on the list of top 5 favorite costumes in my lifetime, and it was very simple. I was hosting karaoke at the lounge that night, and I wanted to recreate a “lady” version of the “gentleman skeleton” in the movie Hocus Pocus.

You can see him in this clip from the movie. ^

For my “lady skeleton” version I wore a 1940’s style white and navy pinstripe dress, with black fishnets, some fake eyelashes, black high heels, a black ladies dress jacket, and a borrowed fuzzy top hat. I painted my fingernails to look like candy corn, and really went to town on the face paint. I was very pleased with the result!




2.) I teach basic meteorology and oceanography for local mariners. At University my major was in paleobiology, but I have always had a special affinity for paleoclimatology, and this has carried over into my work. I don’t claim to be able to predict the weather on any kind of day-to-day basis, but I did predict the intense Winter conditions the United States Midwest felt this season based on prior storm patterns over the previous year due to the gulf stream. Is it going to rain tomorrow? Heck, I don’t know, go look at a barometer; but you can probably expect more weird and outrageous weather occurrences over the next few years as our global climate is likely to be shifting drastically.

3.) If I take a personality test I will most likely score fairly evenly into all of the personality categories.

4.) Last April 15th was the two-year anniversary of an undiagnosed health problem I’ve been dealing with. I have good days, and bad days. I feel blessed for the good days, and frustrated that I don’t seem to get enough good days back-to-back to do much beyond my personal hobbies. It’s unpredictable and the source has been elusive to the professionals thus far. At this point I feel they’ve given up on me and trying to figure it out. That’s okay, because I’ve pretty much given up on them. I’ve had a fever between 99 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit nearly every single day for the past two years. This has been coupled with occasional attacks of severe upper abdominal pain that put me out of commission. Infectious disease has run the entire gamut of blood work. Good news! I don’t have anything contagious! I’ve been poked, prodded, peered inside of, and scanned so much that they didn’t even send me for an X-ray when I had pneumonia in February because they’ve been concerned about radiation build-up in my body. The only blood tests that have returned with anything amiss were low levels of a pancreatic enzyme, a vague PET scan, and elevated levels of antibodies that attack my own body like an autoimmune disease. Yes, they’ve run LOTS of autoimmune disease testing. I’ve lost my faith in doctors. I’m sorry for dropping a “Debbie Downer Bomb” in the middle of this post. I’ve been dealing with the abdominal pain rearing its ugly head over the past two days.

5.) Now for something more cheerful! I think I look like a “grown-up Cabbage Patch Kid” on a day-to-day basis. I looked like a “Cabbage Patch Kid” as a child, and without my hair done, make-up, or any of the signatures of adulthood, I still am quite a bit “Cabbage-Patch-esque”.



Product shot of the highly popular Cabba

See the resemblance?

6.) I absolutely love and adore the band “Train”. They’re famous for “Meet Virginia”, “Drops Of Jupiter”, “Calling All Angels”, and many more recent songs as well. It’s been very flattering over the years to have been told by several people that various “Train” songs must be about me.

7.) I’m a sucker for marshmallows and marshmallow fluff. You’d think I’d like s’mores, but s’mores have too much unnecessary graham cracker and chocolate. I prefer the superior “S’more Kebabs” over regular s’mores.


Smash up the graham crackers in a bowl with a fork. Melt some chocolate chips. Skewer some marshmallows, dip them in the melted chocolate, and roll them in the crushed graham cracker. Voila! S’more Kebabs!

The “Interesting Blogger Award” came with a specific set of questions, and I’ll finish up this post with my answers to those.

  • If a single event in your life could be prefaced by, “That Awkward Moment When…” what would it be? 

“That awkward moment when you find yourself falling off an ox in Mexico, and far too close for comfort to its nether region.”

  • Using only five descriptive words, what are your pet peeves?

Projection, Selfishness, Unfaithful, Trolling, Immaturity

  • You discover that you are the victim of a practical joke, do you get angry or do you laugh….and, of course, why?

It depends on how much damage was caused by the practical joke. I can be pretty naive and gullible so that gets used against me as a “practical joke” quite often. At this point I just “face palm”, laugh, and move on with jokes like that. It’s just mean spirited if people get injured, have to clean up messes, or ridiculed and not really a “joke” in my opinion.

  • If we met face to face, over coffee of course, what would you like to talk about?

I like to philosophize, and ask people what kinds of things they believe about life and why they believe them.

  • If you had the opportunity to hug one person that you don’t already know, who would it be and why?

I would like to have hugged Etta James. She had a beautiful voice, and gave us the classic song “At Last” that has a lot of meaning for me. Plus, I think she was probably a good hugger.

23 thoughts on “Abundance of Awards

  1. You did a smashing job on boiling all of these into one post. I was trying to decide how I was going to handle 8 awards tonight and I do believe you’ve given me the best idea I’ve seen yet. Thanks.

    • It’s been rather good since yesterday! I feel lucky that it’s lasted this long! I have terrible luck with electronics. Every time I’ve tried to wear a watch in my entire life it dies within a week. You are great company! So, of course I mix great company with more great company. 😛 🙂 Have a good day, Steven!

  2. You have GOT to be one of my favorite bloggers ever! Not just because you said nice things about me (although that IS pretty cool!!!!). lol I just loved the info and the pictures (especially the cabbage patch look alikes) OMG you’re too funny!

    It took me 5 years to be diagnosed with an illness that has no name and it’s stomach related. Mine is a bleeding ulcer disease and it’s terminal… although I just won’t die because it’s been terminal for over 5 years. There’s no cure. Extreme stomach pain and many fevers in the beginning. I haven’t had one for a while though. Maybe we should talk? I finally found a GI doc who was willing to go do far enough with the scope to find all the scarring and ulcers and damage. The others wouldn’t and they just kept telling me that although they acknowledge SOMETHING was wrong, they just couldn’t find it. I was literally dying but THANK GOD I found this doc because I say he saved my life.

      • Sorry I’ve been dealing with that blue screen of death since last week too! I wonder what’s going on? I’ve began several posts and responses… all wiped out or interrupted! Argh! But yes, let’s talk. Send me an email to michelle_dicken@yahoo.com it’s my public email. We’ll go from there. It’s so frustrating when you have an illness and have seen so many doctors who don’t know what they’re dealing with. My doctor says that with some illnesses the physician needs to be a type of Sherlock Holmes. I know now that he’s right.

      • Oh no! The blue screen is awful! I haven’t had trouble with it since I posted about it oddly enough. Then again, I got in the habit of not using my computer as much when it wasn’t working. I sent you an e-mail and put “From Rachie @ Rachie Adventures” in the subject line. I have an aim.com AOL e-mail, and for some reason my e-mails can end up in the junk-mail box for some people. I hope it gets to you! Thank you!

  3. wow! awards well deserved 😉 you GO girl! lol… thanks for the follow. i’ll absolutely be reading more of you when i have more time! I’m always curious how people find me lol. care to share?

    • Thank you! To be perfectly honest I don’t know that I could tell you specifically. I probably found you listed on someone else’s blog as a nominee for an award. I figure if someone takes the time to link to a specific blog it’s worth taking a look! 🙂 I’ve been off WordPress for a bit until recently, so I have to admit I haven’t seen much of your writing, but I’m looking forward to reading more in the future. 🙂 Cheers! Good to be in touch!

  4. congrats! I agree with Sheri – I like how you handled all of your awards in one post – I have quite a few and I am in the middle of a move and falling behind…. oh well, life happens right? I love train – Calling All Angels is my fave:)

    Feel better – xx

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