*Fade To Flashback* Unposted Pie Quest Pie

First of all I’d like to thank Bishop Eddie Tatro for gifting me with a lovely bouquet of awards! Thank you, Eddie! I’m going to post a response in the near future. I want to give it due credit, and I tend to wait until I have a big chunk of time to do an awards post – they take me a little while.

Alright, here’s a quick post for y’all this evening. Slowly, but surely I’ve been able to read through posts from other bloggers. I have a lot to go through, and I don’t think I’ll catch up, but I haven’t visited everyone as often as I would have liked to and I need to go at least say “hi”.

*Fade To Flashback Of Pie Quest*

I baked little tiny muffin size “Petite Puppy Pies” for one night of Pie Quest. My dogs didn’t know what to do with them at first, but once I broke them open they were very pleased with the flavor. They licked the plates clean!

Please remember that this recipe is not meant to be appetizing to humans. In fact, you might feel a little queasy imagining these ingredients all mixed together, but my dogs found the final product delightful. I crushed up their milkbones and mixed it with peanut butter and egg for the exterior “crust”. Tuna fish went in a blender which made a “meat-paste” filling. I baked them in a muffin pan and then I topped ’em off with an egg pancake!

Yum! Right?

I was kind of wondering “what am I thinking” while making them, but the dogs were beyond pleased. However, I won’t be signing up to taste test them myself any time soon.

I have two puppy babies. They are 6 and 3 years old, so they’re not really puppies, but they’re my babies. Let me introduce Lana and Linus:


They’re both mutts. We got Lana from the shelter when she was just a few weeks old, and we got Linus from a rescue program. Lana is the cute strawberry blonde girl-puppy, and Linus is the black and tan boy-puppy. Can you tell they get spoiled rotten?

Petite Puppy Pies


At first they weren’t quite sure what to do with them or how to go about eating them.




But once I broke them open they were very pleased with the flavor.


So, that’s it for the “Petite Puppy Pies”. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of more updates on Lana and Linus because I’m one of “those” puppy mommy’s.

By the way, they recently got Summer haircuts, and Lana has been sporting a very cool Mohawk.





Alright, I hope everyone has a beautiful evening/day in their part of the world!

I’ll end this post with the beloved “Don Qui-Puppy de La Linus”!


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