Backyard and Zoo Adventures

I have to thank Dianna over at “Thoughts of yaussiechick” for the awesome ABC award! I will let you know when I post my response! Thank you! Thank you!

I joined “My Folia” today, and I signed up for Photobucket so I could add pictures of my plants. I am not feeling like the brightest crayon in the box because I can’t seem to figure out how to share the pictures from Photobucket to the My Folia page. If anyone already has experience with this please speak up!

They do have this nifty “stories” feature, and I couldn’t wait to try it out! So, this is a test blog to see how the “story” embeds on a blog. The photo collages should link to the story albums.

Here’s a “story” of the plants in my backyard:

Love Me Some Lens Flare and flowers

Here’s a “story” of Bam Bam the polar bear at the Omaha Zoo:

Bam Bam The Polar Bear

Here’s a “story” of the other animals at the Omaha Zoo:

Other Aminals From The Zoo



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