Detox and Dragonflies

I might be an absent blogger for a little bit. I started a detox last night on the notion that I think I will feel phenomenal if I can get rid of a lot of the junk built up in my body. I feel very slow and tired. Not the “run-down and lethargic” kind of tired, but more like a “hefty dose of muscle relaxant” kind of tired. The plus side of that is while lazing around in my garden I was gifted with a visit from Mr. Dragonfly! His girlfriend hung around nearby. She didn’t want to pose for a picture, but she was all sorts of lovely shades of blue.


On another note, I started three avocado seeds, a Haden scarlet mango seed, and transplanted my apples last night.

8 thoughts on “Detox and Dragonflies

    • It’s going pretty good so far! I’ve been taking notes so I can write a blog on my experience with this. I’ve been doing the “Master Cleanse” of the “Fat Loss Factor” program. I’m on day 3 and doing pretty good. 🙂

  1. Yep, that’s just what I need to do! Detoxify! Get rid of some of the horrible things in my body ha ha! I’ve never tried this so I’ll be interested to see how you get on; you know, how you feel afterwards etc.
    You took a superb photo of the dragonfly, its always difficult taking a shot of a moving target, timing it right for it to stop just for a moment – good job!
    Speak soon Rachel, regards James 🙂

    • Yes, I definitely felt better after the detox, but not so much going through it! 😛 I need to get my posts caught up – lots of things sitting in drafts and waiting to be finished. Thank you! It was a windy day and he spent a lot of time hanging on to the branch so he didn’t get blown away! Good to hear from you, James!

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