Happy Mother’s Day – Let Me Introduce My Mom!

I survived my detox and I can eat things besides raw foods again! Woohoo! More on the detox in a future post, but that said, I made Mom a special Mother’s Day dinner!

Squid Ink Pasta with Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Garlic Havarti Herb Sauce


I bought the garlic and squid ink pasta at the farmer’s market yesterday! Last night I BBQ-ed kebabs and some extra red bell pepper slices that I used tonight. Why havarti? Because that’s what was in the fridge! I threw the sauce together from scratch with stuff I already had. I’m sorry, I don’t remember the recipe. Somehow I got blessed with a knack for sauces. It’s a “little-bit-O-this-and-a-little-bit-O-that” kind of thing. It turned out freaking amazing though! Oh, let me show you the kebabs!

“Zesty” Kebabs


Yummy kebabs with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, garlic cloves, and meatballs. Why is it “Zesty”? Because I marinated the veggies in Kraft “Zesty” Italian Salad Dressing. By the way, have you seen Kraft’s “Zesty Guy” salad dressing commercials?

This commercial always makes me laugh, and my mom has a SUPER big crush on the “Zesty Guy”! Ladies, in case you were wondering, there are three more “Zesty Guy” commercials on the KraftDressing channel on YouTube (my favorite is “The Zesty Guy Slaps Some Dough”). Anyway, Mom loves Mr. Zesty and occasionally I’ll catch her watching zesty commercials on YouTube and having conversations with him. It goes something like this:

Mr. Zesty: Hey there

Mom: Hey there, handsome

Mr. Zesty: Isn’t this the most beautiful pepper you’ve ever seen?


*Off comes Mr. Zesty’s shirt*

Mom: Woo!

*Cue laughter and clapping*

Anyways, it’s hilarious and she’s going to kill me when she reads this! Yes, Mom reads my blog. She’s very supportive!

Hi Mom! Don’t kill me when you read this!

I told you before that my parents are among some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. You’ll hear plenty about them as I post blogs. My Dad passed away in 2005, but he was one of those people who you wonder how so much person fits in one body. My Mom is still with me, thank goodness!

Let me try and introduce you to her. She is an amazing woman. I call her “Captain Mom” because, yes, she has her merchant mariner captain’s license. My mom is a hilarious pirate, and for her 50th birthday I got her a hat “with a really long feather” a la Captain Barbossa from Pirates of The Caribbean. Thankfully we share the same sense of humor. We often go into laughing fits where our sides hurt and we almost pee ourselves in the riot!

She is where I got my love of books, reading, and writing. My mom is working on a novel! Did I mention I’m very proud of my mom? When I was a little kid she would read to me to encourage a love for reading. She she read fairy tales to me while I was still in her tummy.

I got spoiled with lullabies, and puppets before bed to help me go to sleep. I was scared of the dark for awhile and she would check for monsters under the bed.

My mom taught me that it’s important to let the people you love know that you’re thinking of them when you’re away from them. When I was very little my dad worked on construction sites and she would pack him a cooler for lunch with a little “I love you” note inside. She would do the same thing for me and stuff little happy notes in my lunchbox when I went to school. She is notorious for coming home from the store excitedly saying “I was thinking of you, and I got you a present”!

I was positively obsessed with the Disney Pocahontas movie for most of the fourth grade. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut, a marine biologist, and a singer when I “grew up”. I would stand in the back of her office and sing “Colors Of The Wind” over and over again. I must have sung that song a thousand times and each time she’d tell me “it was better that time”.

My mom taught me how to make shadow puppets.

She did silly dances with me when I was a kid, and still indulges me in my love of silly dancing! Someday I’ll have to tell you about the infamous “Cookie Dance” in detail – it’s a regular occurrence in our household.

When I was little I liked kitchen toys a lot and I wanted a bunch of them for Christmas one year. My parents thought I might like it better if they got me utensils that I could use in “the big kitchen” with Mom. They were right! I still have the potholder’s that say “Rachel’s Recipe” on them. I was the kid that was sitting on the bar stool next to the stove and stirring the pasta pot thanks to my mom.

My mom is incredibly strong, and she’s the first person I’d want on my team of super heroes. She’s the kind of mom that has never given up on me – even when I’ve been incredibly difficult! She’s taken care of me and my dad through some pretty rough illnesses. Both of my parents taught me what unconditional love means by showing me how you treat people “for better or for worse”. My dad had so many health issues, and my mom just researched how to take care of him and make him better. She put his shoes on for him in the morning, made his food, pushed his wheelchair when he had to be in one, and I NEVER ONCE heard her complain about it. She’s shared with me recently that those times were rough for her, but it wasn’t like there was any other option for her. If you love someone you do what you have to to help them. No one else could have taken as good care of my dad as her.

My mom gives really good, heart felt pep talks. She’s incredibly supportive of whatever avenues I want to pursue in life. She likes to say she’s not a “soccer mom” she’s a “paleo mom” because I’m such a paleontology nerd. She’s pretty proud of my nerdiness.

I should probably tell her more often that she is an inspiration for strength. She tirelessly helps me along in life, and knows that sometimes a midnight ice cream run can make dark times seem so much brighter. She prays with me. She loves me. She’s an absolutely amazing mom. She’s patient, kind, and creative; and I hope someday I can be a wonderful mom like her.

So, I know she’s going to read this. She might need a tissue at this point. That’s okay, I kind of need a tissue too!

I love you, Mom!

Cheers to the moms, the moms-to-be, and the dads that need to be both parents! The world is a better place because of you!

Make sure you hug a mom today!




9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – Let Me Introduce My Mom!

  1. What a lovely tribute sweetheart! You make me sound absolutely fascinating! And amazingly saint-like! But I still like my pirate persona best 🙂 Aaaargh! You are a pretty great kid and I’m sooooooo glad you picked me for your Mom! I love you forever xo

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mother–absolutely amazing. All of the heroic parts are balanced with the pirate personona. It seems to me your mother raised an amazing young woman. I too am impressed with the dinner you prepared for your mother. I’ve never thought of putting asparagus on my kabos – but have now placed them on the grocery list. Great post!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog, else I’d likely never have found you! What a lovely post. It says all the things I wish I had told my mom, and then some. I miss her like crazy so I’ve been living vicariously by reading the Mother’s Day postings of other people. Oh yes, I love the Zesty Salad Dressing Guy, Mom would have loved him, too.

    • *Hugs* – I don’t know your personal beliefs, but I believe that Heaven for your mom means she gets to still watch over you. I bet she will listen if you want to tell her things.

      Gotta love Mr. Zesty! I’m glad I found your blog! Looking forward to more reading and connections. 🙂

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