Audio Blog: The Jungle

I have awards I need to give out! Please be patient with me. It’s taking me awhile to write everything out, but I have a draft started. I also have my eye on several bloggers that are “new finds” for me that I would like to nominate as well as some favorites that I haven’t highlighted yet. In the meantime, I’ve ventured into the world of audio blogging. I’ve seen Dianna and Shaun post audio blogs in the past and it seemed like a fun thing to try! Why not give it a whirl?

I tried to give myself an easy topic so I wouldn’t end up rambling, and I wound up with “the jungle”. I know it kind of seems like an odd topic, but you must remember I have a very active imagination; I’ve collected several plants in my room and I find myself feeling like I’m falling asleep in the jungle.

Total running time is 28 minutes and 29 seconds. I talk about my personal jungle, some thoughts and memories, Rudyard Kipling, sing y’all a little song, and read a short story from Kipling’s “Just So Stories” collection.

You can download “Just So Stories” as a free e-book from Google Books or and read-a-long if you like.

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