The World I Live In

The World I Live In

It is my personal belief that a major root cause of unhappiness and restlessness is the cessation of striving to achieve our highest potential. Sometimes we pause consciously to redefine and adjust our course as necessary. Other times we let everyday frivolities distract us from the fact that we have potential beyond our present state at all. We forget to dream or worse… we dismiss our dreams as nothing but mere fancy. That two year old that you were is still inside of you asking questions. “Why? Why not?” Why not turn all of your wildest dreams into actualities? I’ve started looking at my life as a story. I think about how it needs to be written to achieve the ending I want. I’ve started looking at the obstacles life throws my way as dynamic and engaging antagonists. Nobody wants to read a story without some kind of antagonist or battle – the more struggle the more engaging a story is with the more potential for a spectacular outcome. Needless to say I feel renewed motivation to live fully and to press the limits of my own highest potential. It’s an amazing and refreshing feeling that I’ve sincerely missed! I just felt like sharing that.

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