Blog Awards Boogie

I’ve been trying to organize my blog better and get on top of my “to do” list. I cannot express enough gratitude for the overwhelming amount of positive feedback you’ve given me. I’ve still got my blog awards page under construction, but just looking at it makes me feel so very appreciated and welcomed. This is my 5th month blogging and it is such an enriching experience to be connected to so many amazing people across the globe. In fact I think I’ll make up a new happy-dance and call it the “Blog Awards Boogie”!

It may take me awhile to get things done, but I’ve decided I need to stop my regular blogging until I can post some responses to these awards and give them proper acknowledgment.

5 thoughts on “Blog Awards Boogie

  1. Don’t stop blogging for Awards…
    People will understand..Do them in one big blog.
    When I get 1 award or 2 awards I just “DO THEM” That way, done! lol

    Hope you are well pal x

    • LOL! I’ve been a flying fruit bat lately. I think my problem is that awards require me to focus more than my brain can handle sometimes. I go off on these whirling twirling tangents in my head which are ever so much fun and forget what the heck I’m doing. I’m going to have to lump them together. Maybe in a few batches. Most of my blog posts take me a few hours.

      • I stopped for a while then noticed I wasn’t meeting new people. Met a LOT of seriously cool people through blogging..
        Just go to “Comments” and Search “Awards” open them up one at at time, save the picture and do one MASS blog and say “Every person pick 2 Awards” and nominate say? what…20 people?
        There are no rules remember 🙂
        All fun..

        ps: Hope you are keeping ok

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