Nerdy, Geeky, and Dorky! Oh my!

Part of building my own self esteem back up is taking a good look at what I like about myself. I’m settling in to a certain sense of comfort with my own weirdness. I’m happy to say that I have multi-faceted weirdness, and it suits me. First of all, let me get my personal definitions out on the table.



– a person with a wealth of practical knowledge about a variety of subjects

– an innovator and life-long learner

– a person with a wealth of knowledge of a particular practical subject (e.g. a computer nerd, a physics nerd, etc)

“Frank teaches himself astronomy on the weekends, knows about the history of the Mayans, and is building a Tesla coil in his garage; Frank is such a nerd.”

“George is the computer wiz around here. If you need help with your computer go see the computer nerd.”

See also:

nerdy (adjective)

nerding out (verb) – engaging in nerd activities



– a person with a wealth of trivia knowledge (e.g. a “Star Wars Geek”, a “Lord Of The Rings Geek”, etc)

– a fan of a specific genre

“Sally just designed a new set of elf ears for her cosplay outfit, she is such an awesome geek.”

“The sci-fi convention is going to be crawling with geeks.”

See also:

geeky (adjective)

geeking out (verb) – engaging in geek activities



– a person of a silly nature – they are often awkward, but completely comfortable in their awkwardness

– a person who purposefully goofs off just for giggles

“Jack and Jill went merrily skipping through the streets together wearing top hats, what a cute pair of dorks.”

“Dorky is the new sexy.”

See also:

dorky (adjective)

dorking (verb) – engaging in the action of oddly poking or noogie-ing another person’s tummy, often a Pillsbury-Doughboy-esque tummy poke that has been perfectly executed if the other person says “hoo hoo”!

I’ve been getting better acquainted with and defining my own style of nerdy, geeky and dorky lately. Someday I hope to be crowned “Queen Nerd-Geek-Dork”, and to be given an epic poof stick as my royal scepter.

poof stick:


– any stick used in a wand-like manner along with the words “POOF! You’re…”

“Rachie tapped the little garden gnome with her poof stick and yelled: ‘Poof! You’re awesome!’ At which point the little garden gnome came to life, danced a jig, and learned to bake cookies.”

On a side note: I’ve been looking at all these recipes for fudge lately, and it occurred to me that there should be some kind of amazing annual event centered around this delicacy called “Oh Fudge!” – Wouldn’t that be awesome? If there is such an event already I must find it and plan a pilgrimage in that direction.

The word “nerd” is used as a broad umbrella term in the following Weird Al video. Let me just say that I find this video not only hilarious, but heart-warming in that it makes me want to do the epic hippity hoppity groove that Donny Osmond is getting on in the background.

If you share my love of awesome awkwardness I highly suggest the buddy pair “Rhett and Link” on YouTube. I hope they get a Comedy Central show someday, or maybe we’ll get a whole “buddy movie” out of them. Here’s a little song that tells the story of how these two best friends met – it’s called “Profanity and Unicorns” (there’s no profanity in the video).

They also gave the musical drive-thru phenomena a new spin with the “Taco Bell Folk Song”.

Last, but certainly not least, they also gave us this compilation of the best road trip songs.

That’s it for now because I have to go frolicking through the flowers.




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