Long Time, No See!

Hey Folks! 😀

Gosh, it’s been a long time – almost a whole year! 

I apologize for disappearing for awhile. You know the saying “when life hands you lemons“? I had felt like I was being pelted with lemons machine-gun-style for awhile. Yikes! I’m not terribly good at sitting around feeling sorry for myself for very long; so of course I took those lemons and I made lemon meringue pie! Err… actually a few other varieties of pie, but there WAS meringue involved. 😉 

So, I had taken a bit of a sabbatical from blogging, but NOW I have so many really happy things to share! 😀 

Here’s the basics: 

– Halloween 2013 was a blast! I plan on posting a few Halloween craft ideas as we get closer to October. 

– I’ve been playing wilderness explorer! 😀 “Caw caw! The wilderness must be explored!” You can expect some awesome nature adventures to be shared, with more to be had in the future. 🙂 

– I’m still cookin’! I have a variety of really tasty treats that I’d like to share recipes for with y’all. I caught the “layer cake bug“! Once I figured out a few little tricks layer cakes became this really easy way to make nice looking desserts. 🙂 Stay tuned, there will be chocolate! 

– I’ve added woodcarving lessons to my artsy-crafty fun time! I never realized how much effort is put into carving, and the results have been very satisfying. 🙂 Oh, and I joined the local art club – it’s been steadily feeding my inner creativity junkie for awhile now – I’ve got lots of artsy-craftiness to share. 🙂  

– I started dancing the Argentine tango! Seriously, I cannot even express how excited I am to share my love of tango with you guys! It’s so beautiful, so classy, and so much fun! <— See the repeated use of exclamation points? That’s because that’s really how excited I am about tango! 😀 If you ever want to feel like a hyper-feminine, sultry warrior princess with elegance oozing out of your pores then GO DANCE TANGO

– Life has just been pretty fantastic lately. I’m building some lovely friendships, and adding some extra volunteer time to my schedule. I’ve been making sure to give myself time with all the things I love, singing, science, and silliness included. 🙂 

Alright, are you ready for the grand finale? 

The BIG news! 

I am in a relationship with THE real, live, honest-to-goodness Prince Charming! 

I had thought that Prince Charming was simply a fictional character. Nope! He’s real AND he’s my boyfriend! 

This man is really amazing, and I am so very glad I get to enjoy his company. He’s smart, and funny, and handsome, and… can you say smooth? He dances tango with me! I get to feel this awesome combination of comfort, excitement, and happiness when I’m around him. 

There’s all these wonderful things he does that make me feel very loved. Like, the other day he tells me that he noticed that I like peaches so he got some peaches for me. He noticed that. I didn’t make a big deal out of peaches or anything, he just pays enough attention to realize that I like peaches. Maybe that seems like a small thing, but that’s a pretty big deal to me, to have someone just decide to pay attention. 

I woke up to a little love letter next to my pillow the other morning, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ❤ Also, the man can cook! He fixed me a salmon dinner the other night. 😀 He’s really the best kind of gentleman a girl could ask for, he opens doors for me, he brought me sunflowers (my favorite flower), and he seems to have a knack for saying exactly what I need to hear.


I can have intelligent conversations with him. He talks nerdy to me and THAT is a huge turn on! Did I mention he’s a scientist? Oh, and he’s so handsome! He makes me smile a lot, and he makes me laugh these great giggle fits. He’s my person where I know that there will never be a dull moment. We are grand masters at killing time together. He says that we “kill time with machetes” because we’re so good at it when in each other’s presence. Psshh… time never stood a chance with us! 

Don’t even get me started on the cuteness factor! The cuteness… the sweetness… the all around adorableness… 

*Happy Sigh* 

He is pretty amazing. 🙂 I promise not to be too “lovestruck teenage girlish” when I talk about him; but just for the record, in case you didn’t figure it out already, I am pretty head over heels for him. 😛 I think I’ll keep him. 😉 

I hope to be on WordPress on a semi-regular basis again. 🙂 Life has been getting pretty busy, but I do miss blogging and the blogging community. So, see y’all again soon! 




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