Imaginary Shopping On Vintage Main Street – First Edition

Hey folks,

It’s an absolutely beautiful day!

I found it to be an extra beautiful day because I liked what I saw when I stepped on the scale this morning. πŸ˜€

Nothing like feeling healthier and building confidence!

This means it’s time for an imaginary shopping trip! Every time I want a little extra motivation to keep losing weight I start day-dreaming about the future wardrobe I plan to have. Sure, I could start buying these dresses now, but I’m not down to my “goal size” yet. The plan is to get down to my goal size and reward myself with a fabulous wardrobe!

I adore vintage style dresses. They’re so classy and elegant! For me, retro style is the pinnacle of sexiness. It can range from conservatively elegant to sassy pin-up, but it’s always classy. Today I’m going to take you for an imaginary shopping trip on Vintage Main Street through some of my very favorite classic clothing stores.

First stop, ModCloth!

Roof Garden Guru Dress by Myrtlewood on ModCloth

It’s feminine, fun, and just a little bit flirty!

ModCloth has such a fabulous variety of lovely vintage dresses and clothing – I highly recommend setting aside time for browsing their website, there’s so many gorgeous pieces to look through.


Next up, VooDoo Vixen!

Finley Dress by VooDoo Vixen

Uber flirty and fabulous! Look at that runched waist and pleasantly plumping peasant top!

VooDoo Vixen’s clothing line is the perfect blend of sassy and elegant with a dash of rockabilly.


Alright, get out your favorite peep-toe pumps, ladies! It’s time to head over to Pinup Girl Clothing!

Jenny Dress in Orange Border Print by Pinup Couture on Pinup Girl Clothing

Super fun, vibrant, and sexy! I love the bright colors!

You can always count on Pinup Girl Clothing to have classic styles that ooze of curve-a-licious vibrancy.

Let’s face it, even when I get down to my goal weight I’m still going to be a curvy girl. I fully intend to rock that hour glass!

On a side note: Since I’ve been losing weight I was able to wear an extra flirty skirt and tank top set that hasn’t fit me for several years. When Charming opened the door for me I was given the compliment “you’re looking extra voluptuous this evening” – because he’s just that smooth, and yes, I want to brag just a bit.


Time to go a little less Pinup and a little more pearls and lace.

We’re heading on down to Light In The Box!

Cut Out Embroidered Swing Dress from Light In The Box

Lovely, lady-like and ultra feminine!

Light In The Box is like an online Costco warehouse of fashionable dresses. Always cute and reasonably priced.


Time for a little Western Europe romance as we head down to the Miss Windy Shop!

Alika Circle Dress in Black by Bettie Page at the Miss Windy Shop

Grace, poise, and all that jazz. The gloves just really bring the whole outfit together.

The Miss Windy Shop is full of absolutely stunning vintage dresses – it’s chicken soup for the fashionista’s soul.


Get ready for the cutest slice of rockabilly apple pie as we head over to Bernie Dexter!

Rose Pin Up Dress In Sorbet Cabbage Rose Print by Bernie Dexter

The sweetest dose of sexy ya ever did see!

I think Bernie Dexter was Bettie Page in a previous life. Her clothing line can be summed up in simply one word – “classic”.

On a side note: I would totally accessorize this with oven mitts and a peach cobbler. I have a weird desire to be just a little bit “Mrs. Cleaver”. Yes, I know, the lost Stepford wives are rolling over in their fictional graves. I’m sorry, I am just a little bit Stepford.


Alright, put your power shopping shoes on! We’re going to a store where the clothes will make you have to say Stop Staring!Β 

Radiant Metallic Champagne Wiggle Dress

Glamorous, luscious, and delightfully diva!

Stop Staring! is a walloping dose of old Hollywood glam.

On a side note: I was imaginary shopping the other day and left a bunch of tabs open on my computer. Charming asked me what a wiggle dress is, and I jokingly answered that it’s a dress that has a skirt cut so you have to wiggle to be able to walk anywhere. It turns out that I was exactly right!

Wiggle Dress (noun) – A dress whose hem is narrower than the hips, causing the wearer to walk in short strides with legs close together, producing a sway or wiggle of the hips.


Last, but certainly not least, time to take our shopping shoes over to Heart of Haute!

Constellations Roxie Dress by Heart of Haute

Retro, fabulous, and nerdy chic!

This dress GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK and has me geeking out (Ursa) major!

Heart of Haute is stylish and trendy with vintage va-voom! They make it hip to be mod! πŸ˜‰


I’m thinking of making “imaginary shopping” a regular thing around here. Please hit the “like” button if you think I should plan to share more virtual shopping trips.





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